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    Riky is your friend
    No more boring rickshaw rides! With Riky
    around you will be safe and entertained.


Creates an interactive experience powered by touch, sight and sound.


Starts a conversation that puts your customer’s focus on your message.


Intuitive, interactive and intelligent media platform.


Effectively engages customers with features like couponing, gamification, rewards and more.

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    Impacting drivers positively
    Ramesh took to driving rickshaws after his father. He believes driving a rickshaw gives him flexibility and fullfilment. Riky has helped him attract more passengers and keep up with technology. He is proud and believes that Riky has opened many doors for him.
  • Brands that trust Riky
    Here what advertisers have to say about Riky
    "Riky was one of our partner in creating awareness about JITO connect 2015 in and around Pune.We got tremendous response from this campaign at a very cost effective rate.The presence of over 4.5 lacs visitors itself is the receipt of the success of the event."
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